Oregon Rootz is a wholesale wood products company specializing in pollen boxes or as we like to call them observation boxes. Oregon Rootz is located in southern Oregon and was started in 1998. Every product on this website is made in America in very small batches, by Rachael and David. Every one of our products comes attached with an individually numbered  hand written wood label, which guarantees authenticity!

Year after Year one box at a time Oregon Rootz has grown it's product line into the largest selection of pollen boxes on the planet. Paying very close attention to detail and having a passion for quality and functionality, has enabled Oregon Rootz to place there products in the most sought after headiest stores in the industry.

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   The Baysick
Made with a 1/2" local hardwood , all Baysicks have a magnetized wood or glass lid and a glass collection tray...The Baysick is just that basic , but too the point. 
   The Starbox
Three different magnetized sections , housing 16 neodynium magnets holds this design together... Made with 1/2" Baltic Birch the Starbox comes with a wood or glass top...
   The Baltic Gold Miner
An exact replica of The Original Gold Miner... By being made of 1/4" Baltic Birch this pollen box offers customers a chance to own the classic Gold Miner style , at a lower cost... 
   The Cube
A smaller version of the Baysick the Cube is made with a 1/2" local hardwood... It also comes with a wood or glass lid , held closed by neodynium magnets... The Cube is the most inexpensive  pollen box we offer but definitely worth the money... 
    Work Equipment
Being pioneers in pollen box design , Oregon Rootz is the first to offer products for the professional in this industry... The products on this page are much larger and are designed for mass production... 
   The Original Gold Miner
A one of a kind design ,The Original Gold Miner is destined to become a classic... Made with a mixed variety of local hardwoods, and a Bamboo inlay on the top and bottom... The Gold Miner truly is a work of art!

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    Ultra Slim
The Slim boxes are made with a 3/8" local hardwood and are held tightly together with 16 neodymium magnets. Each box is individually numbered. The screen is also captured in the bottom so you can't push it off. Unlike like the cheap import version of this box.
    Display Packages
How big is your store?  Make reordering simple, choose from one of our four different display packages . And we will  keep it stocked up at your request.
Oregon Rootz is a family run woodworking business spawned from another woodworking company called Creative Woodworks. Which was started by David in Nov. of 1996. While running Creative Woodworks sometime in 1998 Davids friend Steve explained to him what a pollen box was. Shortly after that David designs and makes his first pollen box.  17 years later Oregon Rootz has the biggest selection on the planet, with 6 different styles and many different sizes to choose from.

Oregon Rootz is very thankful to each and every person that owns one of our pollen boxes. The Rootz Info page is always growing and is devoted to bringing 100% accurate information on the materials and processes deticated to Oregon Rootz pollen boxes. All information on that page comes from years of personal observation and research. I hope it will provoke conversation ,bringing truth to all myth and misunderstanding. We look forward to any comments or questions you have. Email them to rootzinfo@oregonrootz.com